6 May

This module has been very fun, creative and involves organisational skills that will definitely come in handy in the future. As with all group projects, I feel that there are definitely some people who have put in more effort than others, which is always disappointing, but none the less the exhibition looked professional and was good fun.

Once again, having the aid of a sketchbook throughout the semester has been the most enjoyable aspect for me. Being able to jot down ideas and illustrate them to explain them to others has been an excellent communication tool throughout this module. At the beginning, I was slightly disappointed that our group’s idea of ‘Social Me’ wasn’t chosen for the exhibition, but the graffiti theme was pulled off very well and was very well presented, especially on our boards.

Although it was a shame that not many people came to the exhibition, it was still a good way to practise working as a team, sticking to strict deadlines, producing work as a large group and communication skills. These are all skills which will be needed in the workplace so this module was a great learning curve. Also, creating my individual portfolio and the CV/business cards with it are excellent assets when going into the working world and shall be used in the future.

If there was one thing I would have changed about this module, it would have been for the group to have had a budget as this would have made things easier for all of us. I would have also liked for the website to have been finished a bit sooner so that when the invitations were sent out, employers may have been more impressed. But the website got done in the end and looked very impressive.

I feel that my team (the exhibition team) communicated effectively with each other and the whole class to get done what needed to be. Our group leader was very efficient and good at communicating ideas to everyone so that all of our work was done on time. Being in charge of the email communication with companies, organising the catering, sorting the budget for the catering and creating a plan for the centerpiece provided me with many of the key responsibilities for the exhibition which I feel I completed successfully and before deadlines.  So overall, this module was a success.



3 May

Link to my showreel on Youtube:

This was created using Premiere Pro and contains my best photography work and 3D work.

Exhibition Completion

1 May

Here are some of the images of the finished exhibition.

IMAG0038IMAG0003 (2)  IMAG0039 IMAG0040 IMAG0041 IMAG0042 IMAG0043 IMAG0044 IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0047 IMAG0049 IMAG0051 IMAG0053

Centerpiece & Update – 1 Week To Go

24 Apr

IMAG0015 IMAG0032

Our progress with the centerpiece. The left picture shows us using sellotape to get an idea of the size and on the right we have sorted the cans and mounted it on cardboard to stabilise it. The picture on the right shows our progress so far before we ran out of glue. The rest of the piece shall be finished this week and it should be approx a metre high.

As it appears I am in charge of contacting employers in my group, I have still been pestering them but no-one seems interested or they make excuses of being too busy.

I have also e-mailed work to be shown on the projector to another member of our group who is sorting everything out for that part of the exhibit.

4 of us have teamed together to get the board designs printed, so that is in process too.

Portfolio Cover

22 Apr

Portfolio Cover

I have made a new portfolio cover that is consistent with my CV and business card. I shall also be inserting my CV and business card into the back of the portfolio. On each page, I shall have a piece of work and on the reverse side of the inserts (not on the same page though) I shall have another piece of work, so that the portfolio looks full and appealing. All photographic pieces will be printed onto high quality photo paper to get a good effect. However I shall only use normal paper for the hand in of the portfolio, as I will need the real copy to show to people and the icenter never give work back.

Board Two

18 Apr


This is my second template for my A1 boards at the exhibition. As I was limited to landscape images, this one was one of the best that I thought would look really detailed and visually pleasing when printed at such a large size.

FINAL Board 1

17 Apr


As the layout etc. has been changed slightly a few times by the graphics group, here’s the final one completed.